Tirumala Travel Guide

This area is incorporated in the Chitoor district of Andhra Pradesh in India. This area is extremely legendary for the Sri Venkateshwara Temple that is devoted to The almighty Vishnu. The temple in situated on top of the Tirumala hillsides while however the city is around the foothills. The hillsides of Tirumala contain seven peaks which resemble the seven hoods from the serpent underneath the hoods of whose Vishnu resides. This temple includes a special sanctity among the Hindus. Plenty of site visitors come here all year round.

Hyderabad and Chennai are very well associated with air carriers from around the world. Both of these places are very well associated with Tirupati via trains and roads. You will find many travel operators around the globe that facilitates package tours for transportation, sightseeing and accommodation. An individual can rent a vehicle or employ a taxi to move around within the place.

Tourist places in Tirumala

This area witnesses a lot of pilgrims who arrived at go to the The almighty Venkateshwara temple all-across the year. You will find many sacred shrines, holy water falls, holy rivers and lots of other historical miracles here. This temple is pointed out within the Sastras and Puranas and is among the earliest temples. You will find a number of other Tourist places here Hastakalaramam Papanasanam, Gogarbham, Akashganga, S.V. Museum, View Point, Shilathoranam, Kapilathhetham, Regional Science Center, Hare Rama Hare Krishna Mandir, Kalyani Dam, Srinivisa Mangapuram, S.V. Zoological Park, Chandragiri Fort and Tiruchanur.

Things You Can Do in Tirumala

The Sri Varahaswami temple ought to be visited before going to the Sri Venkateshwara temple. According to stories and traditions, the seven hillsides were possessed by Varahswami which would be a condition for permitting the worship of Sri Venkateshwara. The individual should carry extra locks and take sufficient safety precautions here due to our prime density of those. It is crucial that the individual respects the area and you will find things that need to be prevented like putting on of improper clothing, consuming alcohol, eating non-vegetarian food, putting on of flowers (as all flowers are suitable for the The almighty only), developing a nuisance, spitting, and transporting phones,cameras, etc. within the temple premises (because it is strictly banned in).

The neighborhood marketplaces sell various products associated with the deities. Tirupati related products may also be bought here. An individual can get free meal coupons in the Sri Vari temple. This meal is although simple however , scrumptious and full of the sanctity from the place.

 Accommodation in Tirumala

Your Accommodation Minerava Grand is among the best hotels within the town. One other good hotel may be the Hotel Fortune Kences. You will find many private lodging available to folks here. You will find various free lodging referred to as Dharmashalas here. Another guest houses charge a really nominal fee/ rent that's just minimal in comparison towards the service.


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