Riau is one of the many provinces of Indonesia, located somewhere in the center of Sumatra island. The province of Riau is one of the prosperous province in Indonesia, with gross regional product per capita of USD 7886 (2008).

The total area of Riau province is 87,023.66 km², which stretches from the slopes of Bukit Barisan to the Strait of Malacca. Riau has a wet tropical climate with an average rainfall ranges from 2000-3000 mm per year, and the average rainfall per year is about 160 days.

The province of Riau Islands is located on the border of Vietnam and Cambodia in the north; Malaysia and West Kalimantan province in the east; Bangka Belitung province and Jambi city to the south; Singapore, Malaysia and the Riau province in the west.

Overall Riau Islands region consists of 4 counties and 2 cities, 47 districts and 274 villages / village with a number of 2,408 large and small islands of which 30% has not been named and inhabited. The total area of 252 601 km ², about 95% of the ocean and only about 5% of the mainland. (wikipedia)

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Here are some places of attractions which you might want to visit during your travel to Riau Islands:

  • Alam Mayang
  • Mal SKA
  • Danau Limbungan
  • Bandar Serai
  • Kubang Zoo
  • Pasar Bawah
  • Stanum
  • Masjid Jami' Air Tiris
  • Pacu Jalur
  • Air Terjun Guruh Gemurai
  • Air Terjun Batangkuban
  • Candi Muara Takus
  • Istana Siak
  • Taman Nasional Tesso Nilo
  • Taman Nasional Bukit Tigapuluh
  • Cagar Biosfer Giam Siak Kecil Bukit batu
  • Istana Kesultanan Pelalawan
  • Kepulauan Arwah
  • Tugu Khatulistiwa Pangkalan Kuras
  • Istana Kesultanan Indragiri
  • Bakar Tongkang
  • Bono Sungai Kampar
  • Air Terjun Aek Marua
  • Benteng Tujuh Lapis
  • Pantai Selatbaru Bengkalis
  • Pantai Rupat Utara
  • Masjid An-Nur Pekanbaru

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