Pelalawan Government efforts in promoting tourism in the district of Teluk Meranti Bono seems to have paid off. Because the current sequence number of achievement awards and accolades awarded.

For example, show that Bono won the runner-up at the national level archipelago tourist highlights are followed by all districts in Indonesia at the Jakarta Convention Center.

"In the last nationwide tour highlights are followed by all districts in Indonesia, which was held at the JCC, Pelalawan won the second," said Kadisbudpora Pelalawan, H Zulkifli, S.Ag on a number of media in Pangkalan Kerinci.

Zulkifli explained that the show highlights the archipelago tourist, tourist theme Pelalawan Bono.
In addition, an icon showing Bono, Pelalawan also displays a variety of the area's native culinary. Among them, are displayed in the form of culinary snacks, cakes rise, smoked fish, honey Pelalawan original product that has been processed.

"Top notch performance, the increasingly booming tourist Bono. Not just a warm conversation local tourists, is also the main attraction of foreign tourists," he said.

So, the booming of Bono's tour, he continued, on June 20 due to the Ministry of Tourism to promote the creative economy Bono's master-plan. At that socialization will also be carried out in-depth assessments, anything that has been achieved by Bono's tour.

"Not only that, even the tourist ministry in the 2013 budget year this investment will compute anything just for the allotment of land measuring 600 acres by Pelalawan regency," he said.

That is, he continued, this investment has been entered in the budget of the Ministry of them about the assessment, whatever the necessary investment to 600 acres of land that had been prepared by the Pelalawan regency. And in this year, the agency liaison Riau province regency in Jakarta will invite Bono Pelalawan to give presentation to representatives in 25 provinces in Jakarta.

"And the highlight of the festival Bakudō Bono originally scheduled in September this year but postponed to November. At this summit, the foreign surfing was ready festive this festival with their shrewdness surfing," he concluded.


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